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    Reverting to 2015.7 - again

    Nick Wilcox-Brown

      Finally lost patience with 2015.9 today. Yesterday it failed totally to tether the camera (EOS-1Dx): constant Spinning beachballs, failed captures and a full crash. I ended up untethered all day for an expensive interiors shoot embarrasing


      Today, in post, clicking on a thumb in the film strip that is not in the centre causes everything to jump several images to left or right; hard to explain this but it is very distracting and hard to work with (.7 behaves in the expected way with the selected image thumb moving smoothly to the middle).


      Sporadically clicking a thumb in grid view brings up the wrong image - most delightful is when I select an horizontal image and it brings up the crop for a vertical.


      What a mess Adobe - I had to uninstall 2015.8 because it was impossible to demo safely to a workshop I was running. With another workshop next week, I cannot risk running .9, so another failed release! LR could be so good if it was beta'd and tested properly.


      MacOS 10.12.3 / 4