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    CF-Ajax-Javascript Issue


      We have added a "recently viewed items" panel to the right side of our website.
      In this panel we simply loop through the array of viewed items and present them
      stacked up in the panel. The code for rendering the list of items is in a
      separate CF template that is placed using an Ajax call within a <DIV>.

      The problem is that the javascript is not executing in the recently viewed items
      panel. For instance:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var pr_page_id="#currItem#"; snippet(document);

      This code is in the loop so that each iteration of an item should show the
      "snippet." I can't see the javascript in the source code since it's inside a
      <DIV> but the non-Ajax (CF) pages that use the same technique are getting
      the correct snippet so I know that the code works and that the problem must come
      from the use of the Ajax call.

      Any ideas on a different way to call this so it will fire the javascripts

      Thanks much,