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    Tabbed Panel Widget - width problem...

    marcelt2t Level 1

      It would seem there is a spacing issue with the tabbed panel when it comes to width control.


      To replicate try the following;


      1. Drag out a new Tabbed panel from the widget library
      2. Remove one of the three default tabs
      3. Delete the content from within the content panels
      4. Remove styling from all three states of the tab buttons themselves (primarily the stroke)
      5. Resize the entire panel to 130px
      6. Verify the option "Total width - Uniform" is selected
      7. Verify in the spacing panel that there is no horizontal or vertical gutter set


      Now theoretically the above should result in two tabs @ 65px each.


      Instead as you'll see below, we have one tab @ 65px and another @ 66px, with a 1 pixel overlap.


      Try to reduce the 66px tab and you end up with 128px=64px+65px


      I've tried everything, adjusting the inner text box, etc etc.  No matter what I always end up with uneven overlapping parts.


      Any fix? Alternative?