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    Why are same subjects with different perspectives too similar?

    donbrio Level 1

      I have had numerous rejections for "similar images already submitted "when submitting different angles or actions of the same subject.  These are the most recent.    I use a lot of stock photos in my work as a designer and appreciate different perspectives of subjects so I can select the most appropriate perspective for the given composition.   What is the determining factor for rejecting the following examples?     I agree they are of the same subject, but please explain to me why they are too similar?


      1) Front view and side views are too similar???   Why do mug shots have front and side views?   Why does my 3D application provide those as separate views?



      2) One view the dancing loon has it's wings tucked in....the other his wings are spread out.  Is this too similar?...why?




      3) One view the bird is drinking water....the other it is standing straight.   Are these poses too similar?  




      I greatly appreciate any feedback as I am mystified as to why these photos were rejected.  


      Thank you