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    Rejected photo due to "expousure problem" - Adobe are you sure ?

    Piotr Gozdek

      I'm trying to understand policy of rejected photos, but it looks like Adobe is on the position of MASTER of all.  When I started photography many years ago I tought that vision of photogrpaher to capcure a moment is the most important - not technik, glossy look etc.  If Im ath the locations I'm always trying to show for other this unique feeling.  But it looks like Adobe have own opinion. Strange.... photo which is liked by thousands people ( social media as a veryficator used before Adobe Stock) in opinion of Adobe Stock is not aceptable. Guys - are you seling photos of photographers to people or you are buying them for yourself ? Becouse your position it looks like you are deciding about "what people will love and buy" - whay you are not giving a chance ?

      This is my photo:


      I've done this photo when sun was just above line of horizon. Amount of light was reduced to minimum just becouse to not overexpose sun and make huge white patch of nothing. Whole lake and marine was quite dark. And photo have special athmosphere and feeling.  But in your opinon is Expousre problem.

      No explanation whit details just simple two words. I dont undrestand - is not allowed to use more shadows and darks  ?I cant use viniete becouse I like it ?

      Its my vision of this scene. Whats going on chaps. Any sensible explenation will be highly recomended.


      Peter G.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, please understand that I am just a user like you; I am not an Adobe employee.


          I understand you had a lot of people like this image (I like it too), but appreciating the artistic merits of a picture and judging it's usefulness as a stock image are two very different things.


          I think the major issue here is the (very heavy) vignette.


          Adobe Stock is in the business of selling useful images. Many (if not most) of their users are doing it through Photoshop and have at least some basic skills. The user may want to add a vignette and could easily do so, but they might not and you have baked one into the image, so they have no choice. If you provided the image without the vignette, maybe it wouldn't have been as much of a problem. As it is, you've significantly narrowed the potential market for this image.


          Also, you haven't provided the full resolution version of the image, but in the small version you've put on these forums, it looks an awful lot like the image might be overly sharpened too. Looking at the masts, I see a white outline indicative of oversharpening.

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            Piotr Gozdek Level 1

            Thank for any coment. I will not agree with your comment, but I like that you pointed much more issues as Adobe made. I understand that this is Adobe bussines and they are Master of Decision - but also they are earning most of money from sale so will be nice to remember that wihot photographers is nothing to sell. Is much simpler if is comment with rejection with explanation - but here is no even simple word. Thats my  worries ... I can't upload full res due to limitation in size of photo - below 8mb.  Image is from Nikon d800 and in full res is a bit bigger About masts is ligth from sun not from oversharpening - or if Im blind please give me more specyfic are to have a look.  I cant push too much with sharpening - just becouse in dark areas will start to look not good.

            About vignette - I cant agree with this - many of famous photographers was using this just to "pop" photo from crawd:

            Henri Cartier - Bresson or Michael Kenna (Michael Kenna ) - but of course they are TOP artists not me small tiny photog.

            But even if Adobe dont like my photo they can say this in simple a few words. I'll take this to the chest

            Thanks once again

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              Hi Piotr, this is a beautiful composition and from what I can tell your settings were perfect.


              However, I think Szalam is correct; by adding a vignette yourself, and making the image black and white, you are significantly limiting the market for your image. Virtually anyone purchasing this image would have the skills to add a vignette themselves, and convert the image to B&W, in fact, most buyers would want that creative control.


              Overall, I've had 95 images rejected by Adobe Stock versus 75 rejected - so I know it's not much fun having a photo rejected - but the best advice I can give you is to try and look at it from a commercial, rather than an artistic standpoint. Keeping that in mind, why not remove the vignette, and convert the image to colour, and resubmit it? It wouldn't take long and would be a learning experience - I bet they approve it second time around.

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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                I agree with the points already made. It's a beautiful image but this is not stock content with the post processing effects you have applied. You may find better results submitting the clean, sharp, color version with no vignette or special effects added. Most designers prefer to add these sorts of processing effects themselves to match their project exactly.