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    Old removed book automatically reappears after being removed


      Hi Forum,


      My configuration is MacOS 10.12.3 + Kobo touch. I used to download epubs from my library, without any troubles for years.


      Recently, I downloaded 3 books, sent them to the kobo for reading. Then, I removed them from Digital Edition.

      But the 3 books still appears each time I run Digital Edition, and are marked as "New". A new file /Users/greg/Documents/Digital Editions/CloudSync/Library-Sync-Book-11.acsm is created, even if I delete if from Digital Edition and from finder.


      I tried to completely remove Digital Edition and all related files (following instructions from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6641815?start=0&tstart=0 ), and reinstall it : same behavior, the 3 files still reappears. And what is strange is Digital Edition Still knows my AdobeID...


      One more little thing new happened now : I downloaded a new book from my library. I can open it from Digital Edition. But now book cannot be opened on my Kobo because incorrect Adobe ID. I tried to remove and set it again, this has no effect.


      How can I solve these problem ???


      Thank you in advance for your help,





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          Wow...not a single response...none in other posts as well; this is really frustrating and ridiculous.
          This has happened to me recently and although I don't have a solution, I think the problem may be with the syncing process.
          I don't know...this is really annoying...I had 2 books doing this, and it slowly increased to 4-5 expired books.
          I can only remove them from the library, I can't return them or read them. I've deleted all the data, and they still come back as blank books.

          Great service!