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    Adobe Stock Membership

    Parkside High

      Hi Guys,


      Didn't get anywhere with live chat so i'm hoping somebody can help answer my question here.


      Firstly i thought i was entitled to cancel my Adobe Stock Membership at any time - is this not the case? because i was told in a very firm manor i should 'continue my commitment' when asking somebody on live chat.


      Secondly, i was charged £23.99 on 1st March 2017.  I then received an email about a week ago saying my payment needs updating (obviously payment had failed) but surely i shouldnt have been charged again until 1st April?? which is the day after tomorrow. 

      And annoyingly lost saved credits even though i have paid already.


      Im happy to continue the membership but im reluctant to update my payment method earlier than the 1st when payment is due and i want to try and get my credits back that ive paid for as this is simply not fair.


      Loving my CC memberhip - couldnt be happier but very frustrated about the Adobe Stock Membership issues.


      Please Help, Many Thanks x

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Echo,


          I apologize for the troubles you are facing with Adobe Stock membership.


          If the payment update is required it isn't necessarily required for charging you immediately.

          You might want to login to your account and check the payment details to be sure that they are correct. Please see Managing your Membership FAQ: How do I update my payment information?


          If you still have doubts, you can Contact Customer Care and get your billing checked.


          Also as far as the cancellation policy is concerned, please go through the Adobe - Subscription Terms so that you are sure about the time period whenever you wish to cancel the membership, although I would hate to see you go.


          Let me know if you still face issues.




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            Parkside High Level 1

            Hi Sheena,


            Thanks for your reply - that was much more helpful than before.


            So can i get my lost 7 credits back then??


            Because it was Adobe who have tried to take the payment early or checked my card details early for it to flag up on the system - otherwise there would be no issue with payment if They tried to take in on the 1st April as per my billing cycle.


            Thank you Natalie

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Natalie, I have checked the billing history and as per the records I see that you were supposed to be charged on 20th Feb but because the charge did not go through, the system charged you 7 days later i.e on 27th Feb.

              On 1st March, the charge that went through was for the Creative cloud subscription you had.

              Then again on 20th March, when the system tried to charge you for Stock subscription and the charge did not go through, it got charged on 27th March. But on 27th March as well, the charge did not go through and therefore you have been sent a notification to update the payment details so that you can be charged for the subscription and your licenses can be shown up in your account.


              As far as the unused downloads are concerned, with a small subscription plan, which includes 10 images a month, unused downloads carry over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The carryover limit is 120 downloads.

              Refer: Common Questions, Adobe Stock

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                Parkside High Level 1

                Hello Sheena,


                thanks for looking into that.


                My bank statement says i was charged £23.99 1st March - Adobe Stock and £15.49 3rd March for my CC Student.


                So you can see why im confused when my actual bank statement says otherwise.


                I need to know when these payments are actually meant to come out so i can ensure the correct amount is in that account - obviously i have many other payments coming from that account also.


                Thank you Natalie

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                  Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                  Ah! I get that, assuming whenever our system charges your card after 2 business days it appears in your statement.


                  As per the billing cycle, I can see that the Adobe Stock charge will go through on 20th of every month and Adobe Creative Cloud charge on 1st of every month. This will help you keep a track of the funds in your account.

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                    Parkside High Level 1

                    Thats great Sheena, thank you - now i know the actual dates i can keep track and make sure this doesnt happen again.


                    Thank you very much for your help and patience!


                    Natalie @ Echo

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                      Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                      You are most welcome!


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