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    InDesign degrading file


      I have numerous files that were created in July 2016 (pre InDesign 2017 version). The files were printing fine as my company has drastically decreased our printed qtys. Normally, I open the files (and don't even save) to run 100 print every 2-3 months. I noticed our printer was slowly becoming off on the color, but it's not a high-end printer so I was ok with the end result. Until this week - the graphics in my InDesign file that are set at 25% black are printing with a green tint (see bottom of attached image - sorry color difference is more apparent in person that through a cell phone camera). After having my printer service tech here for 5 hours, his conclusion is that the InDesign file is degrading just from being opened and printed.


      1) Can a InDesign file degrade just from opening it and not saving?

      2) I opened a new InDesign file, copied my content from my old file and pasted it on the new (InDesign 2017). The color problem corrects BUT now my imported Illustrator files print pixilated (see the text under the Flag on the right side of image - the links are not broken and when viewed at high quality, the illustrations are crisp on screen) and I have a phantom square that appears on a graphic (there is not an unused text or image box hidden in that spot).

      3) I saved my original file (originally created in 2016) and the new file I created yesterday as an IDML (hoping to remove any corrupt coding). When I print, the same errors occur with both files.


      Has anyone experienced this and know how to correct it?



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