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    Bug? — Lr won't stop pasting settings to all photos, any way to force stop?


      Hi all, hoping someone can help with this issue.


      I copied develop settings from a photo I was working on, pasted it onto another in the same series (same workflow I've always had, never had an issue with this), and then Lightroom starts pasting it onto every previous photo. I had no other photos selected when I pasted the settings, so I can't see why it's doing this. Tried quitting and restarting but it just starts up again applying the settings sequentially to every other photo in my library. Now to recover my previous edits it seems I'll have to go through and undo paste settings for every single photo—and it seems intent on not stopping till it's applied the settings to my entire catalog.


      Please, someone help me here. I can only think this is some kind of a bug. I've used Lr for years and never had such an issue. Is there at least any way I can force an interrupt so that it'll stop trying to apply the settings to other images?


      Running macOS Sierra + latest version Lightroom CC for what it's worth.