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    Starting scripts from the command line not working with Win10


      Hey there - with Win 10 the following command will no longer work:


      "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Photoshop.exe" c:/trees/s2/game/temp/shg_sub_import_body_temp.jsx


      It will open photoshop.  However, the script will fail to start and run.   I can run the script manually in photoshop without error.   This seems to be a permissions issue; however, toggling "run as administrator" doesn't make a difference.


      Suggestions?   Is there a registry setting to fix this?  This is being run on a corporate network - so changing user account settings probably isn't an option. 


      Also, there seems to be no official documentation of this functionality on the Adobe site.   I learned about this only searching via google.   Can this be corrected please?