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    ADOBE STAFF: XD + Illustrator?


      I'm a newbie to XD - but have been using Illustrator and Photoshop for over a decade and professional front-end designer for apps. XD is a great product. However, to make it go from 7/10, to 10/10... I have a few questions...


      If Adobe are going to do the whole prototyping thing, and absolutely kill it in the market... I'd BEG them to allow these three (easy to say, hard to do) features:


      1) Importation of layered vectors, effects, colours, spacing, etc., directly into XD - nearly every designer I know in major tech companies use Illustrator or even Photoshop in some very large companies (no joke).

      2) Parsing of so XD can animate, move, transition etc with 'quick export' to After Effects and be re-imported again, and / or use of 3rd party presets. Squall.no already does AE iOS animations brilliantly. Having the functionality straight within the prototyping tool would be a god send. Many designers use AE for animations, and it would be a great cross-use of the Adobe product bundle.

      3) Exporting function, so all of the CSS / Java (front-end code) is 'ready to package' to Testflight for iOS (or Android's version) that can be saved offline on iPhone / Androids


      If Adobe could take designers from UI/UX guys to front-end coders, they would have completely changed a market.


      The question is... how close are Adobe to creating this dream-world?