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    Index panel will not allow Symbol entry

    hummbled Level 1

      PC CC17 and CC14 (ID6 is okay)


      In CC17, importing a Word document with Index Markers that include entries that begin with a number crashes (Symbol Entry).

      I created a new document, add an entry and the Index Panel populates with A-Z topics. When I try to add an entry beginning with a number, the Index Panel will not include the Symbol topic, and it crashes. When I tried this in CC14, it does the same thing, will not allow the Symbol topic, it crashes. I opened ID6 and it's fine. A co-worker tried it on their PC and the Word file imported fine, they can also create a new document and add a Symbol entry.


      The interesting thing is I can open the file my co-worker created and it is okay, the Index Panel populates properly and I can add an index entry in that file with a Symbol. I can also open a previous job file created on my PC and it too will populate the Index Panel with Symbol and A-Z, and I can add without crashing.


      So it is making a new Indesign file, in CC17 or CC14, try to import a Word document with Symbol Index Entries or add a Symbol Index Entry in CC## and it crashes.


      Has anyone had this happen? The cure?