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    I want to cancel my subscription but cant remember my adobe ID


      Hello there,


      I want to cancel my subscription as I reinstalled my windows, my adobe cc is completely gone. However when i reinstalled adobe cc, i realised all my current emails arent the ones i used as my adobe id (i have many different emails). However my paypal account still got charged 15.49 pounds per month, I believe i purchased the plan for students so either its my uni email or my normal email but verified as a student ( cant remember honestly, its a one time thing that ive done months ago, never thought i would clean install my windows but **** happens )


      I still have invoices from paypal as the email linked with paypal is a different one.


      Is there any way i can cancel or track my adobe id back just with paypal invoice? also i checked the adobe cc price, the amount i got charged doesnt suit any of the plan - 15.49 a month ( pound sterling as curreny)


      I removed my card from paypal so itll pause the payment for a while until i get my adobe id back.


      honestly cant remember, and i have loads of projects to do, just using trial now as a temporary solution


      thanks for reading, any help ll be appreciated


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