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    Terrible Glitch Affecting My Artwork


      Hello, this is a question, with a hard to find answer.


      First off: Macbook Pro, Processor 2.5 GHz, Memory 8GB,   258.96GB free of 499.05GB

                     Ad Ph CS6 version 13.0.6

      Im an Artist who often draws pen and ink, and colors digitally. A page from comic will look like thisjiebao.jpg

      Very nice. Until a week or so will pass. Ill open up the file, and this will meet me....color another.jpg

      I dont know, and cant remember, any significant action of mine to affect my files like this. The top layer of linework vanishes, even tho the layer remains. (Its just empty now) and squares of colors will disappear. If you try to fill them in with color a glitch distortion will appear.


      Please help, This has been happening for some time, and many of my pages have to be recolored after many hours of work. Thank you for any information you can give.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          The most obvious thing is blend modes, so if you had a layer high up the stack set to Screen for instance.


          Turn off the layers one at a time starting from the top and you are bound to find the problem layer.


          Nice artwork btw.

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            augustk94532170 Level 1

            Thank you. Thats not the answer tho. the only mode I use is Multiply, on the top ink layer. That way the Ink stays on top and I can color In the white.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Can you paste a screen shot of your workspace showing the layers panel?

              Have you tried turning off layers starting from the top of the stack?


              How does the image preview in Bridge?  If it is a GPU glitch, then I'm thinking it would look OK in Bridge, but you could as easily turn off the GPU in Preferences.  I can't remember seeing this sort of issue from the GPU though.  You usually see white squares.


              If you think it is a glitch and not a blend mode etc., and you use a Wacom tablet, then try the White Whindow plug-in, but I don't think it fits the criteria.


              Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool, or Photoshop stop working when using a Wacom tablet | Mac OS

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                augustk94532170 Level 1

                Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.07.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.06.55 AM.png

                Yes, White square. All layer are on. you can see the top layers, and background copy (what was the Ink) are still there, but empty.

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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Test the file on a different machine first, to determine whether the file really is corrupted. In addition to the empty top layers, are there empty blocks in individual channels, or individual layers?


                  "Normal" file corruption doesn't look like this. Then you get garbled blocks, not empty.


                  I do seem to remember similar cases here. Can't recall any details, so try to search.

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                    Your screen shots don't tell us anything.  You need to twirl open the groups to see the state of the contained layers.  As Dag has said, your screen shots don't look like artefact errors.  They look like you have layers turned off or opacity set to zero.


                    What is worrying is that I think you have indicated that layers you remember having content, now appear to be empty.  You are obviously a skilled and talented illustrator, so we have to assume you know what you are doing, but for the sake of completeness, open all those groups, and make sure all layers that should be turned on, are turned on, and that blend modes and opacity are set correctly.


                    Is this the only time you have had this problem?

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                      augustk94532170 Level 1

                      Well as of double checking, all layers are normal with normal correct settings. All tho I did see something strange, all of the groups were set to "pass through." I set them all back to normal and nothing changed.

                      this isnt a "layer in wrong place with opasitt off" error, and yes it has happened many times, this is just my finale straw, and im just now trying to find a solution.

                      Here is another example, sorry for the explicit nature of the art, (albums covers)(its one of the only files with a before and after.)



                      This is a great example of how layers are affected. You can see only the black in the background is gone,

                      While all characters, except the pink, have holes. The very top layer, happened to be the red outlines of the money, and even though the layer remains, its empty.

                      I have plenty of other example, but unfortunately I dont have a clean/complete counterpart to show a before an after.