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    Cannot edit text in DC pro. Help?


      I have a PDF file that I am trying to edit.  There are some typos I need to correct. The file opens fine, but when I try to edit any portion of the text, the whole page goes nuts and jumps all over the place.  The text goes all wacky, jumps off the page boundaries and the curser jumps to a complete other spot on the page. This happens no matter what function I try to perform.  Please help me !


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          PDF files were not meant to be edited in this way. It works well for some, but not others.

          Basically you need to go back to the original file format used to create the PDF, edit it, and then create a new one.

          If that's not possible you can try exporting the PDF to an editable format, like MS Word, and then edit it there and finally convert to a new PDF when done. Make sure to keep a copy of the Word file, in case you want to edit it further in the future.

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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            The Acrobat editing functions work reasonably well for "good" PDF files. In your case, I assume you are dealing with a file that has problems. Acrobat is able to display the file correctly, but once it needs access to more information in the PDF file in order to edit it, things go wrong. Try67's advice about always keeping the original file around is very important. Unfortunately that's not much help when you are trying to edit a file that you did not create yourself.


            If exporting the file to MS Word does not work (which I would expect, based on the state of the PDF file), then saving the PDF document as a series of high resolution TIFF images, importing these images back into Acrobat, running OCR, and then editing may be your only option.

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              Von70 Level 1

              Okay.  I figured this was going to be the answer, but I hoped I was wrong.  This is a book and the files were create by Tate Publishing, which went out of business before they published the book.  I am trying to help the author publish them on Amazon.com, these are the files that Tate Publishing gave him.  I have no contact with Tate, so I can't request the source files if they still have them.