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    90 athletes lifting, want to organise photos on the fly...


      Hi everyone,


      I've done a search and can't seem to find a similar situation.


      I'm shooting some weight lifting events this year for a gym and have the second event coming at the end of April.

      The first event was at the beginning of February and it went really well though I spent so much time in post sorting

      all the photos into individual collections for each athlete. I had a list of all the athletes prior to the event but didn't

      have faces to put to names or anything else that would make it easier for me. I ended up separating all the photos

      into collections for each person then having to go on the Facebook event page and work out based on the

      members of that group who was who... it was exhausting and definitely not the way I want to do it for this next

      event which is double the lifters and spread over two days.


      I'll put how the day is run below but basically what I want to know is if there is an easy way to shoot directly into

      pre-made folders for each athlete. The athletes name is called, I click on their named collection in Lightroom, and

      any photos I take for that athlete are automatically in that folder. The next athlete is called, I click on their name, etc...


      The other option I thought was making the folders on the memory cards but that's a lot of quick scrolling on the camera

      hoping to quickly find the name before I need to start shooting.


      If anyone has any suggestions or advice on how to achieve what I'm asking or an easier method, I would be so grateful.






      The way the day ran in Feb was;


      - There were around 50 lifters, broken up into groups of about 15.


      Females first:

      The back squat rack is set up and Lifter 1 performs one lift, then a few minutes later Lifter 2 performs, etc... until

      each lifter has had 1 attempt. Then the same lifters perform in this order again in two more sets for a total of 3 back squats each.


      The bench press is set up and follows the same structure as above but not necessarily the same order the first run through They

      are put in order from the lighter attempt up to the heavier attempt which doesn't always mean the same lifter will start first for each lift.\


      The deadlift is set up and follows the same structure and possible order change as above.


      Then the whole process is repeated for the males.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. If you are shooting tethered directly to a laptop- but you will need to type names (or a Number reference ID) as you shoot!


          Using a Camera Tethered procedure, the "Segment Photos By Shots" feature lets you organize your tethered shots as you go. You’ll be able to separate each person into different folders by clicking the [Shot Name]. In the tether dialog, Turn on the [Segment Photos By Shot] checkbox. When you do this, a naming dialog appears where you can type in a descriptive name for the first shoot (person) of your session.

            To change to another person, click directly on the “Person” showing in the Tethered Capture window (or press Command-Shift-T [PC: Ctrl-Shift-T]) and the Shot Name dialog appears. Give this new set of shots the name for the next person and then go back to shooting. Now these images will appear in their own separate folders.


          2. A 'Manual' method:  Photograph the contestants name on a pad (ipad?) to help separate each person. Their photos will appear after their name in 'Capture Time' sorting.

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            bw81 Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it.


            I think I will just take an iPhone photo or write down the lifter at the time to correlate it to the shoot time on the photos.

            Simple and relatively risk free.


            Thanks again!