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    Angled Paths ?

    StrongBeaver Level 3

      Is it possible to select paths based on distance or angle, similar to selecting only all the red paths ?



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          williamadowling Level 4

          distance or angle relative to what?


          You could certainly loop all the paths and do the math to figure out the relationship between two points, including the angle of that particular segment and the length of that segment.


          Can you be more specific?

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            StrongBeaver Level 3

            Relative to the artboard.  Not one angle would be the same as the other.  What I'm trying to figure out, is how to know the paths I want and don't want selected. In the example "P" the grey colored path I wouldn't want selected, but all the red paths, I would want selected. Artboard doesn't have a depth object, I know that I'm shooting blanks now