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    How to apply effect to an image layer?


      Hello all,


      I'm very new to using AE, having been a digital designer for years now I'm trying to add AE to my arsenal of skills so this question is probably ridiculous to most of you.


      Currently I have a PSD file open in AE consisting of 2 layers, one of which is an image of water and the top layer a boat sat on that water, I've tried to apply a subtle ripple to the water. I've dropped the effect onto the water layer and adjusted it all to make the ripple as I want it but my issue is the effect covers the image layer I want to apply the effect to with a grey fill? So I can see the boat on the top layer sat on a grey fill with the ripple effect under it and I've searched tutorials and unable to find what I'm sure is a simple answer to this?


      Any help would be fantastic, I'm sure it's just me missing something entirely.