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    Unable to open an eBook (acsm file)


      I purchased an eBook and managed to download it on both my iPad and my HP Personal Computer (PC). However, it can't open and the message "Unable to open" keeps appearing. Kindly assist

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          I have the same problem, in my case I am trying to open the file on my android tablet. I downloaded the .acsm file on my tablet, then installed Bluefire Reader application on my device. Opened the Bluefire Reader and authorize with the same Adobe ID with which I am opening the book on my PC (But on adobe digital editions). But when I am clicking on the .acsm file it is showing can't open the file. Then I installed the adobe digital edition app on my tablet and authorized it with same adobe id, now when I am clicking the .acsm file it is opening the adobe digital reader but nothing happening. I mean book is not opening it is only opening the adobe digital reader app. I am so frustrated with this tried hundreds of times now.