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    Page with swf is blank

    netfish00 Level 1

      I have a page with a flash animation.

      The page is not displaying for my friend. It is showing up blank. But it works fine for me and other people. He has the latest version of the Flash Player. What can be the problem? The page doesn't seem to download at all.

      Any idea? Much appreciated.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I don't see it either. Scroll the page down and there might be a gray area at the bottom where you can right click and select View Source. See if the source code is what you expect.
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            netfish00 Level 1
            The page is using AC_FL_RunContent to load the swf. If the char length for "src" is very long, the swf doesn't load in IE, but it loads in FireFox and Chrome. For IE, the limit for the "src" length is about 1,920 char or so. Does anyone know anything about this?
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              I've been seeing something like this. I get this on systems with Flash 10. Systems with Flash 9 work fine. I'm able to right-click on the flash object and select "Play", and then my movie plays fine. I have to initiate it first, though.

              So now the question is, why isn't 10 automatically playing some movies?