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    XD app loading from cache bug

    kwr.rubin Level 1

      Hey, I'm previewing my file on my Android phone, but if I update that file I'm not seeing any changes, because whenever I restart the app, it says "Loading from cache". I couldn't even close my preview (had to reinstall the app completely).


      Anyone having a solution for this?

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          Arihjain Level 1

          Hi rubin,

          Thank you for reaching to us, we will be happy help you.

          For this we need more clarity about your problem

          1. Like you said when you restart the app does it get stuck on "loading from cache" and doesn't let you go ahead? If yes, can you share the device details with us.


          In general our app will instantly show the updates sent to file if users are connected to desktop version of XD on macOS via USB


          Or if the users are working from creative cloud then they have to first save the updated file on the cloud > access the updated file from creative cloud in mobile XD to reflect the changes.




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            kwr.rubin Level 1

            So if I just replace the file with another, nothing happens, but if I make the physical changes in the file on CC it will register?


            How do I close an open preview without quitting the app itself?


            My app doesn't get stuck when loading from cache.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Hey kwr.rubin-


              You can reopen the file by longpressing any artboard, then selecting Open XD Document > XD Document from Creative Cloud.


              Hope that helps!



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                Arihjain Level 1

                Hi Rubin,


                That's right, if you make changes in File on CC, it will register and will be showed in mobile. Just refresh the window of your CC asset file by making a gesture of dragging down.


                And as Elaine suggested please use a long tap on the preview screen to reopen another file from CC.


                Let us know if this helps you.