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    Photoshop = Slow / Sluggish / PC Shut Down


      Hello I have been trying to hunt down this problem since the 2017 version of PS CC, Open Photoshop and everything is great until 5 minutes in and everything slows when I use the menu bar. The courser will freeze then move very slowly and eventually it will lock up and restart my PC. I am a computer technician and have done every hardware test imaginable and have also upgraded to an SSD, I have been through the searches for this issue including performance settings, turning off font displays, enabling and disabling various performance settings, reinstalling and the problem persists. I only have this issue when using Photoshop. I also use Auto Cad which is very resource intensive, and I am unsure why Photoshop is so sluggish. My PC Specs are "Windows 10 64 bit, 16 gigs memory, AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor and a 2 gig AMD Raedon R9 GPU. Someone please help.



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