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    Designed radiobuttons

      I'm looking for help with creating a radio buttons in form but I don't want to use standard looking radio buttons from components (ctrl f7). I have design of website and I would like to keep form in the same theme.
      Any one can help me with some ideas how to change look of then radio buttons?
      I know I can press twice in AS3.0 on radio button to change graph but i wish to each button have a different icon.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You can create movieclips and use them as radio buttons, but you also have to create the supporting code that makes them function as radio buttons do... when one is selected, the remainder are deselected.

          Just have a couple of frame in each, one for displaying as the unselected state, and one for displaying as the selected state. If you click on it, it moves to the other frame in the mc.

          You can assign some value associated with each radio button mc to a shared hidden texfield and use that textfield as the variable for the form when it gets submitted.
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            Angler3PE Level 1
            Have u got any URL for egzaple of similar codes?
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Below is a link to a posting I helped someone with that would very closely function as I am suggesting. The only thing it is missing is where the radio_mc would write a value to a hidden textfield.

              Recent posting suitable to your situation

              If the fla file that was linked in that posting is still available (about 3 postings before the last), you can open it and see what your radio buttons would look like in a general sense. There are a number of text movieclips used that consist of two frames each. One frame shows small text, and the second shows that text magnified. In your case, the first frame would be the unclicked radio button image, and the second would be the clicked radio button image. The movies in that file are all named in a similar manner (mc0, mc1, mc2... etc). You would do the same thing for one group of radio buttons.

              That file is coded using AS2, so if you are going to use AS3, the coding will be a bit different.

              The function that I show near the end of the posting is what was needed to make that fla file work properly... when you click on one, the rest are returned to their unclicked state.