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    Windows 10 se reinicia al Renderizar!!

    mariog66443980 Level 1

      Hola todos!!

      Bueno he hecho he pedido algunas ayudas aqui y me las han solucionado. Tengo otro problema y espero me puedan ayudar ya que me tiene desesperado.


      Resulta que hace unos dias empece a renderizar en after effects y este empezó a reiniciarse lanzándome pantallas azules cosa que nunca me había sucedido, mejor dicho, NUNCA, es algo que me sorprende porque es la primera vez que me pasa. Cuando lleva el 15% de renderizado, pufff, se reinicia con el pantallazo azul, no se si sera sobrecalentamiento pero mi pc esta bien refrigerado y cuando hago  el renderizado, observo la temperatura y este no pasa + de los 40 grados.


      Las especificaciones de mi maquina son:


      AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHZ

      16 GB de RAM

      GTX 1060 6 GB

      Board GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3 R5 V.1

      Windows 10 Anniversary Update 61 Bits


      Busque en Google referencias que se parecieran al mio pero sin solución. Les muestro el visor de errores que me arroja Windows:


      Ayuda por favor, esto me tiene desesperado y no se que hacer, necesito entregar un video hecho con after pero no puedo con estos inconvenientes.


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          Joost van der Hoeven Adobe Community Professional

          Blue screens in general mean hardware issues. Do you have the latest nvidia driver? Or It might be that some connectors on your boards are failing. I suggest pulling out the Gpu and putting it in again. Also it might be a power issue. Does your power supply have enough watts?


          Or, you are using bad plugins. Remove all 3rd party plugins (especially the ones that use the GPU) and add see if the issue stays. If not add them back one by one and make sure you are using the updated versions.

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            mariog66443980 Level 1

            Hi, thank you very much for responding quickly. I will try to be as clear as possible since my English is basic. My power source is an EVGA Supernova Nex 750 G, (750 W.) and therefore I have played many demanding games but in none I have rebooted or turned off, so I doubt it is the source of power, although I do not know.

            I passed several points to clarify, I use the CC 2014 version since 2015 gave me a lot of lag and slowness to work, summer 2017 I have not tried it for fear that it is the same as 2015. My video drivers are up to date.


            I re-rendered the animation in After Effects to watch the blue screen and this is what I found :





            I do not know if that message means that there is a driver conflict or something, so I do not know what to do.


            Thank you very much and I hope we can solve this problem.

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              mariog66443980 Level 1



              Hi everyone! How are you!

              Well after so much despair I used other methods to render without problems.


              When I see the error DRIVER_OVERRAN STACK BUFFER, I decided to investigate and to be aware of it and, as a matter of fact, there is a problem of drivers on the computer, without turning back, I reformatted the operating system and installed the programs but this time updating to CC 2017 And updating the plugins I used in my compositions. Before I started rendering I had the curiosity to increase more disk cache space, .asi that I put 100 GB. After 3 hours of rendering, After Effects never rebooted and the video came out perfectly, only that with a small message at the end, it said that there were problems of caching in the disk and that it could not hayar or something like this ... Then I decided See the folder where it occupied the cache and had the 100 GB used, what barbarity !!


              Now comes my question, who would have taken all this? Any Driver you overlook? CC 2014 did not get along with the GTX 1060 and was it advisable to upgrade to 2017? Or the disk cache? Or the outdated plugins I had in my compositions?


              Anyway, I have rendered without problems, so thanks for everything, although if there is someone who would help me answer my questions would be great!

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                AE will use as much space as you give it for creating caches.

                The reason you project worked in CC 2017 and not CC 2014 could be any of a large number of things!