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    Adjustment Layers in Diptychs/Triptychs?


      I am creating a triptych with PS CC 2017 with 3 similar pics. I want to alter the color/tonal characteristics for each pic so there is some variation and character to the composition as a whole.


      Whenever I apply a HSL adjustment layer to colorize, then adjust colors, it effects all layers beneath. Naturally, this is how things are supposed to work. However,  I was hoping some setting existed to restrict the adjustment layer just to one specific layer, not all below.  Is there such a layer-by-layer setting?


      If not, do I need to perform all color adjustments independently and prior to compositing? Seems like a lot of work for either color-matching purposes or those like mine where variation is desired.



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I feel like I am missing something here, because it seems too obvious to suggest use the adjustment layer's layer mask.  Or place the adjustment layer above the image to be changed and clip it.  The example below takes a belt and braces approach using both  the layer mask, and clipping (the icon highlighted in red).


          So am I missing something?

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            postrophe Level 4


            So am I missing something?

            Repeat to the other layers !!



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              favabill Level 1

              I was missing it. I am comfortable with basic adjustments to my images and blending textured layers, just never tried independent images in a composite until now. My knowledge and experience with masking is limited, but growing.


              The very fine tutorials on Lynda, Adobe and elsewhere present how to assemble diptychs, triptychs, etc, but layer-by-layer adjustments are not readily apparent, if at all. But, that's where creative possibilies enter.


              In any event, your illustration enabled me to see the relationship of things. I tinkered with my piece until my layer functions mimicked yours... using Create Clipping Masks did the trick. Thanks for the helpful illustration.