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    Assuming all links are relative?

    Starfish Prime



      I'm hoping someone on the staff could answer a question or two the first being and I'm assuming all links are relative within an Adobe muse site?


      So, if for example I had a Magazine site that is updated 5 days a week and each month around the 8th or so a new issue comes out, can I then create a new folder in my root directory called 2017 with subfolder called january, february, etc., and move the contents of those months to those folders, then upload the new month to root and so on and so on? 


      I know this is an inelegant solution but I'm in to deep.


      ::: Drag Racing Online Magazine ::: Volume XIX, Issue 2 - February 2017 Current site, last months issue.


      :::  Dragracingonline.com - Wake up and smell the nitro! - :::  Muse test replacement


      Note: under "Recent Issues" a dropdown with 2017>February has been added to the March issue that hasn't been uploaded yet and my intent is to link the Feb issue from the March issue like this... dragracingonline.com/recent-issues/2017/february/...  to the index of that months issue.


      Thanks in advance for our help!


      Axel G.