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    Flash Player install fails on OS X 10.11


      Firefox required me to update Flash Player to version (I had I downloaded the installer, ran it, it downloaded the new version, began installing, then told me "Installation failed. Click FINISH for further as..."


      I tried all the things it suggested without success. The instructions say to be sure Firefox/Tools/Add-ons/Plugins/Shockwave Flash says “Always activate,” but I can’t because Firefox has blocked it; it says “Never activate” and the other options are grayed out.


      I deleted Applications/Adobe/Flash Player. I deleted Library/Internet Plug-ins/Flash Player.plugin   and   flashplayer.xpt. I think the old Flash is gone gone gone, but still I can't install the new version.


      One of the forum responses said that the installer has a problem and gave a work-around, using the contents of the package, but the description of what to do didn't match what I saw as the contents of the package. When I double-clicked the .dmg, double-clicked the icon on the desktop, right-clicked the icon in the window that opened, clicked Show Package Contents, clicked Contents, click MacOS, and double-clicked Install Adobe Flash Player, the same error occurred. Still failed. A Terminal window opened, showing this:


      Last login: Tue Mar 21 14:29:55 on console

      Lap-Five:~ carhu$ /Volumes/Adobe\ Flash\ Player\ Installer/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Install\ Adobe\ Flash\ Player ; exit;

      2017-03-21 14:45:57.982 Adobe Flash Player Install Manager[563:12111] Install failed with error code: 30.


      Saving session...

      ...copying shared history...

      ...saving history...truncating history files...



      [Process completed]


      At last there was an error code (30). Oh boy! Can some expert explain this and tell me what to do?


      Rebooting the computer doesn't help. Re-downloading the installer doesn't help. I get the same error with AdobeFlashPlayer_25au_a_install.dmg  (downloaded 10 days ago) and  AdobeFlashPlayer_25_a_install.dmg  (downloaded today).