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    Glitches Where Video Clips Are Combined in Adobe Premiere Elements 11




      I use a Sony Hi-Def Camcorder to record trip videos.  The camcorder records onto memory cards, I believe in .mts AVCHD format.  The camcorder automatically starts a new video clip every 12 minutes or so (for chapter purposes maybe?).  I want to combine the video clips into longer files, in a Hi-Def AVCHD format, so that I can watch 2-hours of clips at a time, non-stop, and in proper order, on my computer from blu-ray data disk or hard drive.


      Anyway, I've been trying to do this using Adobe Premiere Elements 11.  I keep it in Quick mode, to keep things simple, and drop in each .mts clip, copied from the memory card, in proper order.  Then I used the publish feature to output a single file.  I used the file analyzer on the menu to find out the characteristics of the camcorder clips and picked the best-quality output mode that most closely matched the characteristics of the input files.  The result was an AVCHD clip, but the file was .m2t, another type of AVCHD file (so I figured that was okay).


      The quality of the output file is good, except for one glitch.  Sometimes, for just a second, the audio will go out, and the video will glitch at the same time.  I have noticed that this occurs at points where the camcorder automatically split an ongoing recording into a new video file, and then I recombined the clips later.


      Obviously, it's annoying that it can't be a nice seamless video clip, like when it was recorded.  I believe the clips on the memory cards are seamless when I play them on the camcorder.  Does anyone know why this is happening, and how to fix it, such as a setting on Adobe Premiere Elements 11?


      Thank you in advance for any help.