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    Is InDesign right for making a catalog?



      I dont use indesign yet. but before I start with it I have some questions please to know if it suitable for me.

      I want to make catalog with more than 200 pages and more than 400 pictures.

      I want to know please is it easy to modify catalog in future if I want to add product maybe in the middle of catalog, are the all products will make automatically offset without make chaos with pages, and if I want to add page, dose the information of right and left pages will automatically modify?


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign would be perfect for your task, but it is a professional DTP package with a steep learning curve. You'd be well advised to get some training. Personal training is good, but expensive, there are also lots of books, such as Classroom in a Book and the QuickStart guides, and excellent online video tutorials from PuralSite.com and  Lynda.com (you can get a 10-day free trial).


          In answer to the second question, you can "anchor" an image to the text, so that it moves with the text when it reflows because of additional (or less) text.

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            Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

            If you're a Microsoft Word user, you will find typography controls in InDesign very similar to Word but much more flexible. Adding and deleting pages, reflowing text across pages, placing images freely is the main difference between the two.


            I can advise you of a good training options if you're based in UAE

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              raneem.saw Level 1

              Thanks Mr Derek Cross for your advice I start training with Lynda Course, but I want to know exactly if it work for me because I dont have a lot of time.

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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                Here's a key point to live by with InDesign. NEVER change a font name or size, or paragraph setting, or text colour, directly, even though it's the most obvious thing in the world. In a big book it's essential to use the "styles" feature. With styles you can change the font in every page in minutes if your client/boss decides to. Without styles you  may have days of work. In every repetitive layout task, look for styles to help you.


                Also, practice a small section, then add some new entries. You can check you made the right design choices for everything to flow smoothly.


                If if the catalog already exists in a database or spreadsheet look into "database publishing", a big step, often expensive but sometimes the only viable route If changes are frequent or need to be made quickly.

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                  raneem.saw Level 1

                  Thanks Mr. Zaid Al Hilali Yes I am use Microsoft Word ,so I hope I will be professional in indesign soon.

                  Thanks for your advice but unfortunately I am not in UAE.

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                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                    raneem.saw raneem.sawwrote:

                    Yes I am use Microsoft Word ,so I hope I will be professional in indesign soon.

                    I wouldn't compare learning to use InDesign with MSWord – I think it takes as much more effort perhaps as much time as learning say a foreign language. And bear in mind if something goes wrong with the subsequent printing, because of your InDesign files, the reprint costs can be very expensive!

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                      BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                      The short answer is yes, InDesign can definitely handle this job.


                      I want to second the importance of learning InDesign first, and also on placing the emphasis on learning how to use styles. I want to add that you also want to focus on learning how to use anchored frames. (Anchored frames allow the graphics to reflow with text edits which is imperative in this workflow.)


                      As a long time trainer, like Zaid Al Hilali, I also see the connection between understanding Word prior to learning InDesign as an important link. Of course they are different applications, from different companies, but I find that students who know Word well have a much easier time learning InDesign, because they already understand the concepts. They just need to learn where to find the equivalent options in InDesign. I ask every new InDesign student (and FrameMaker student) how well they know Word at the beginning of any Intro class, and have done this for years. It's one of the tools I use to decide how to present information to that student.

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                        raneem.saw Level 1

                        Thank you so much Test Screen Name for your advice.

                        but I have question about this phrase : "if the catalog already exists in a database or spreadsheet look into "database publishing""

                        my catalog is exist in microsoft publisher..is it useful ??