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    DCP Camera Profiles for Samsung Galaxy S7 not detected

    Soji_Okita Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      My wife's phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I configured it to take DNG images so I can process them in Lightroom.

      Lightroom provides two DNG profiles for this phone:

      - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Adobe Standard.dcp

      - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Default.dcp


      Those profiles are detected only for DNG images created with Lightroom Mobile.

      When the DNG is taken with samsung app, or any app like open camera / snap camera, those profiles are not available.


      I tried to edit the  <UniqueCameraModelRestriction> field in the DCP file, with dcptool, without success.


      Does anyone knows if it's possible to use this profiles for "classic" DNG files taken with this phone, and how to do it?

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          Soji_Okita Level 1

          I should have searched harder before asking the question.
          The answer is pretty simple (with dcptool).

          - Take an image for which the profiles cannot be selected.

          - Use dcptool -d on the DNG file (I think it worked only with dcp files)

          - you get a small xml file where the value <UniqueCameraModelRestriction> is stated

          - you just have to take the profiles, use dcptool to convert it to xml, change the field, then convert back to dcp, and copy the file to your camera profiles folder.


          For the Galaxy s7 edge, the field changed when I updated to Android Nougat so I had to make two profiles.

          That was not a big problem (the differences between Adobe Standard and the incorporated profile are subtle) but sometimes I can be helpful to have several profiles available.