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    Upgraded to LRCC and now can't print


      I upgraded from LR4 to CC a few months ago. I'v had no issues using CC (emailing developed photos, sending vacation photos to have a book made). Today for the first time with CC I have tried to print a photo to my Epson 3880, but it doesn't seem to communicate. Since I still have LR4 on my computer I tried that and was able to send a photo from an LR4 catalog to the printer without any issues. Unfortunately when I have tried to open the LRCC catalog hoping to print the photos with LR4, I receive a message that it can't open this new catalog. I'm running on Windows7.


      Any help in figuring out how to connect LRCC to the printer would be greatly appreciated.




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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          FYI- Lr6 catalogs are not backward compatible with earlier Lr versions- as you have found. (Lr4 will not open the Lr6 catalog)


          When in the Print module, can you select your 3880 printer in the [Page Setup] dialog?

          Can you choose options for paper and printer properties?

          Have you tried re-installing the Printer Driver software?


          from another 'Bob'.