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    3.1 SDK contains wrong framework version?

    snafu7x7 Level 1
      I recently inherited a Flex project that had been built in 3.1 using RSLs As I did not have that version of the SDK installed, I went to download it from adobe at: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+3

      After extracting it to my FlexBuilder sdks directory I added it as a new SDK in Flex Builder under preferences, specified it as the default SDK and rebuilt my project. After redeploying the swf I got errors complaining first that it could not find the correct RSL, and then a type mismatch saying that it was expecting framework_3.1.0.2710.swf and was getting framework_3.0.0.477.swf instead (or vice versa, I cant recall which). When I looked in my build directory I discovered that it contained both versions but that only the 3.0 version was recently rebuilt according to the timestamp (the 3.1 version was there because it was part of the original project). After double and triple checking my preferences and build settings for my project I confirmed that I was using the 3.1 SDK so what gives? Also, when I go into my project properties and goto Flex Build Path --> Library Path and drill down into the Flex 3.1 SDK node lo and behold under the framework.swc node it says RSL URL: framework_3.0.0.477.swz! What the hell gives? I tried all the above with the FLex 3.2 SDK and got the exact same thing.