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    Link fields between different PDF forms


      Hi, I would like to link fields from Form A to fields in Form B, similar to how we can link cells in Excel.


      How do I go about that?


      Please advise.


      Thank you!


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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This can be done with JavaScript, but because of security issues the PDFs need to have certain properties properly set when the referenced PDF is opened.


          One has to set the remotely accessed PDF''s "disclosed" property to true to allow another PDF to open the document using JavaScript.


          The second PDF is opened using the "appOpen" method which also assigns a unique name to the object representing the newly opened PDF. Example 3 shows the code to do this while not displaying the second PDF.

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            kcsdfqeqw Level 1

            Hi, I have very little experience with adobe pro dc so would like to request for additional guidance on how to perform the above instructions..


            Just a background, I have a PDF Form that would be send to three users for response. When they have complete the form, I will receive response from them. I would like to use the response to link to a new PDF form as a delivery form. This allows me to save time so I do not need to copy all the delivery request from the users.


            In this case, is remote access recommended? Is there any other simpler way to do this?

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              Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

              In that case, you don't need any scripts at all.


              You can have them "Submit" the form to your email address, prefixing the submit URL with "mailto:" and then your email. Have the submission be in the form of an FDF. You can then import the FDF file into your second form. As long as the second form uses the same exact field names, you'll see the data in the right place.

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                kcsdfqeqw Level 1

                Hi, thank you for replying.


                I am using the distribute function to send my forms. By doing so, my receiver will receive the form with a submit button that is already preset by Adobe. How do I set the submission to be in the form of FDF instead?


                By the way, I also need submitted file to add into a response file so that I can easily do data analysis.

                In this case, if form is submitted in FDF format, is this still possible?


                Thank you!