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    Code View Blank in DW 2017


      Why is it while using Dreamweaver 2017 that when editing pages sometimes between 2-30 in dreamweaver the code view will randomly be a blank grey block with no code inside even though there is code and design view shows there's stuff? I've tried reinstalling it completely to trying it on a brand new mac book ( literally days old ) and this issue STILL happens. The Os is Sierra 10.12.3 if that helps.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It happens once in a while for me too on Win10.  

          Usually, switching views a couple of times will bring it back,

          Or try opening your Code Inspector  (Win F10).

          Also, run validation to check your code for errors.


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            Noggy Level 1

            Yeah I tried switching views like you said, but it doesn't fix anything. When trying to do a find/replace all when the code view is blank on a couple pages the replace function doesn't happen on those pages either which is a huge pain in the ***. The only solution i've found is to downgrade back to 2015. How anyone could accept this type of bug from running rampant is beyond me.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Since it seems pretty repeatable for you, make sure to report the issue under DW's Help > Report Bug/Feature Request.


              The more people that report a given bug, the higher on the list of fixes it will go (at least, that's what we're told).


              I've had it happen once or twice, closing and reopening the file fixed it for me.


              However I couldn't replicate it so never reported it.

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                pziecina Level 6

                I did report this bug some months ago, (Bug No - DWBETA-4150314).


                However, as you have noticed, it does not happen with any particular code, and even worse it is very random in happening. The team is aware of it though, and if you can find any particular cause for this they would like to know As trying to fix something that has no apparent reason for happening, and does not even happen with the same code/page consistently, is the proverbial, 'like looking for a needle in a haystack'.

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                  I have this same issue; very frustrating.


                  While just switching between various Code/Split views doesn't usually work for me, what does work is going to View > Live Code. The code appears, and then remains visible even after you turn Live Code off.

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                    Preran Adobe Employee

                    Apologize for the inconvenience. I am checking with the team about the latest status of this issue.

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                      Preran Adobe Employee

                      I checked with the team and they have logged a bug for this issue to be fixed in a future update. Stay tuned. Apologize for the frustration until the fix is released.




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                        Suzanne Leone

                        My code window is completely blank.


                        Just downloaded DW CC 17 this a.m. Was viewing a file I made in DW CS3 just last week. Thank goodness that Design view still works!


                        Tried: switching views, closing & reopening


                        Really looking forward to that update!

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                          Suzanne Leone Level 1

                          Update: Just happened again. The blank code window apparently saves with the file!

                          Tried Window > Results > Validation and it came up with a little window, that was also blank. So I'm guessing that didn't work.

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                            I have the same problem. Sometimes works properly when Dreamweaver is newly launched, but a lot of the time none of the ways of viewing code work and I have to use a text editor instead.

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                              squidz Level 1

                              So this bug was reported over 8 months ago and is still an ongoing issue....? Where is the fix?

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                                I just updated to DW 2018 and it is happening to me. Therefore I am unable to editing any of my code in code view.



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                                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  You have code errors denoted by the red X.  And errors make DW dizzy.


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                                    doujouDC Level 1



                                    Thanks for the feedback. If you were referring to my post above...I cannot see my code, that is the problem. So I do not understand the "errors in my code" portion of your response.





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                                      Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      I can see part of a red X under your document which denotes code errors.


                                      Run the Validation Checker for details. See screenshot.




                                      If your document contains a lot of critical code errors, you might need to use another editor to clean them up.

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                                        squidz Level 1

                                        Nancy, his point is that errors in code should NOT prevent a code editor from seeing the code text. Otherwise, how would one ever correct bad or broken code? DW should be able to see any code whether it is valid or not.


                                        I was having a similar issue, though I realized it was DW 2018 instead. I could open the code just fine in TextEdit, TextWrangler, Atom...it was just plain ole HTML. Yet, DW showed the code view blank except for numbers for line 1 and 2. It is true that code was spit out from a email signature tool used in conjunction with Exchange server and that system capitalizes HTML tags. Not correct code, but how in the world could that prevent a professional code editor from viewing it?

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                                          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          You're preaching to the choir.  I stopped using DW 2018 and reverted to 2017.


                                          However, all versions of DW get cranky when the code contains a lot of critical errors.  My guess without seeing the code is there is something really wrong in the document's <head> that  DW cannot reconcile.

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                                            AuctionHugh Level 1

                                            I have the same issue with the newest build of DW 18.  So frustrating!  And very random.  How could this not be fixed yet?


                                            Usually closing dreamweaver and restarting will solve the issue.  A 15 minute process, it is so slow to close and reopen.

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                                              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                              Personally, I use CC2015 due to all of the glitches and inconsistencies in the more recent versions. It's easy enough to have them both installed, and hopefully, in the next update, they'll fix the issue and I can start using newer features in CC2018.


                                              If not, CC2015 does everything I need and won't be updated further, so should continue to work for a good long while.


                                              Make sure to add your voice to the bug report forum and drop back to a usable version of the program until it's fixed.


                                              As a paid subscriber, you have access to every full version release all the way back to CS6 Cloud. All versions can be installed on the same machines at the same time under a single subscription, they just won't run concurrently.


                                              1. Open the CC Desktop App
                                              2. Click the Apps tab
                                              3. Click the small triangle next to DW's button
                                              4. Click Other Versions
                                              5. Click the version you want and install


                                              In the future, be sure to click the Advanced Options link in the installer dialogue window so you can turn off the "Remove Older Versions" checkbox. That will allow you to keep your older, functional version while testing the latest releases to make sure bugs and/or removed features don't interrupt your workflow.

                                              Unfortunately, it appears that Updates don't always equal Upgrades with the subscription service.

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                                                Digital-Mirrors Level 1

                                                Really Adobe do you care at all? Please fix the current bugs before adding more features. Your programs use to be so reliable this doesn't seem to matter to you as much now. Please consider how much this impacts your users. This stuff makes it so hard to work.

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                                                  Nayan_Kankariya Adobe Employee

                                                  We have fixed the code view going blank issue in the latest Dw update 2018.1. Please update Dw to the latest version and request you to revert back with your findings if you are still encountering code view blank issue.




                                                  Dreamweaver Team

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                                                    This issue is not fixed. I am running version 18.1 and I cannot see anything but grey in the windows. I have uninstalled, deleted preferences, reinstalled, and still the same thing. This all happened after the update.


                                                    The only time I can see anything is when I choose 'Code-Design'. It shows me the Design section, but the code area is still dark gray. Any other mode is just gray windows.


                                                    Very inconvenient as I'm traveling for work right now and nothing is working.


                                                    I am on a MacBook Pro running the latest version of OSX.

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                                                      Nayan_Kankariya Adobe Employee

                                                      Hi Frankm-viz,


                                                      Sorry for the inconvenience, we have made sure the root-cause of this issue is fixed. But as you already said, you tried it with deleting preferences. Can you also quit Dw and rename all the older Dw version preferences available on your machine and then launch Dw 18.1 ?.


                                                      Files which are to be renamed:

                                                      1. Navigate to /Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe and rename all the Dreamweaver related folders. For eg, 'Dreamweaver CC 2017' folder to 'Old Dreamweaver CC 2017'.

                                                      2. Navigate to /Users/[User Name]/Library/Preferences and rename all the Dreamweaver prefs. For eg, 'Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 Prefs' file to 'Old Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 Prefs'.




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                                                        frankm-viz Level 1



                                                        For the past day I have tried this and other attempts to solve this. I've tried changing the names of the folders. I've tried deleting the folders. I've tried uninstalling and install again fresh. No change. I still get gray screens as I mentioned before.


                                                        I don't have another computer with me at the moment to test, but I will be traveling back to my studio today and test to see if this problem is isolated to this MacBook Pro only.



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                                                          Nayan_Kankariya Adobe Employee

                                                          Thanks for trying these out Frank and sorry that these didn't help. Further to this, we request you to share the screen through remote login to us so that we can investigate the issue live and resolve the issue immediately.


                                                          You can write to me on kankariy@adobe.com with your machine details to connect whenever possible.




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                                                            Nayan_Kankariya Adobe Employee

                                                            Hey Frank,


                                                            We need your help in investigating this issue as this is consistently seen on your machine and not reproducible in-house. Request you to come over Connect for further investigation of the issue.