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    Interactive video buttons

    kennetht72107201 Level 1

      I am creating an interactive video that has an option to view the author's bio. I want to use a smart object to show the bio when clicking. However, if I use the smart object as a button, it pauses the video. I don't want to pause the video if the smart object IS NOT clicked. I'm using variables and advance actions to trigger the showing of the bio. But since the ELSE part of the AA does not offer NO ACTION, how do I have a clickable smart  object that doesn't pause the video if it IS NOT clicked?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry but some important information is missing in your question. The term 'interactive video' is used (and misused) for many types of output. Are you talkng about a real 'video' that is inserted in Captivate as a multisynchronized video and that offers as 'interactivity' the possibility to play different parts of the video? Or is the interactivity you are talking about that button to create a popup for a bio or other information?


          Other possibility; it is NOT a video but slides created in Captivate? Some people use the term 'video' for any output from Captivate.


          Anyway you are probably aware of the fact that adding any interactivity means that yuo cannot publish to a pure video format (mp4) but that you have to publish to either SWF or to HTML5.


          If my first described scenario is correct: you have a multisynchronized video (maybe on one slide) and you want to put an interactive object (button or shape button) to show information. Next question: how do you want to close the popup? Do you want to use the same object (shape or normal button) as a toggle button? Or do you show another interactive object to closethe popup? Another idea could be to use a hyperlink as I described in this blog post:

          More is in a...hyperlink - Close button - Captivate blog


          You have to understand the difference between a pausing point, which is part of an interactive object but can be taken out by using the Timling Properties panel, and an absolute 'pause' which is triggered by the command with that name.  A pretty  detailed explanaition in this article:

          Pausing Captivate's Timeline - Captivate blog


          I would also like to see a screenshot of the advanced action which you are using at this moment?


          For that first scenario, I cannot give you a full solution because of all the previous questions, here are some tips:

          • Video has to be inserted as multisynchonized video, event video cannot be controlled by Captivate.
          • You need to take out the pausing point of your interactive object in the Timing Properties panel by unchecking the option 'Pause project until....'.
          • In the advanced action triggered by the interactive object you need to use the 'Pause command' when opening the popup and the 'Continue' command when closing it.
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            kennetht72107201 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.


            I'm using multi-sync video and will publish as html5. The video is only on one slide.

            To close the pop-up, the pop-up will have a continue button.

            The advance action will pause the video, if the bio link is clicked.

            I've attached the screenshots of the  AA's.


            I have a variable that increments when the object is clicked (this is where I need the button).


            I'll try unchecking 'pause project until...'



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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You make it too complicated, there is no reason whatsoever for a variable, unless you had a toggle button, like described in this article:

              1 action = 5 Toggle Buttons - Captivate blog

              Since you show a close button (cannot see it in the Advanced action however, unless 'bio1' is pointing to a group containing both the text and the Continue button?), you don't even need a conditional action. If you insist on having a variable, don't use decrement and increment, but the Assign command, please!


              For the button (will label it 'Bt_Popup) that Opens the popup + the Close button, supposed they are grouped in the 'bio1), use this standard action (and uncheck Pausing point):

                 Show bio1                         bio1 groups text + Bt_Close

                 Disable Bt_Popup


              Be sure to have Infinite attempts for thisBt_Popup


              For the Close button, this standard action:

                 Hide bio1

                 Enable Bt_Popup



              Sure that you don't have any other interactivity like I asked in my first answer?

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                kennetht72107201 Level 1

                Thank you. This is very helpful. I haven't added in any other interactivity yet. I'm putting this together to show to my work group so this is my first time doing this with video. Trying to get the bio object to open (I haven't added the text or close button yet) was the first one. I haven't gotten as far as the close button because I couldn't get the bio object to open.


                I'll post more if I'm still having trouble.


                Thanks again.

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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  For the Close button, either you use the Hyperlink workflow for which I posted a link to an article explaining it, or you add a button, but group both the text and the button in one object (I though bio1 was such a group).