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    Unable to erase Authorization


      Am unable to download eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions on Windows 10.  Error message says Check Authorization.  ADE says computer is authorized.  When trying to erase authorization get the message "Unable to erase authorization".


      Have read many posts on this subject in the forum, none of the suggestions helped.  The email address in ADE was old, so I changed it in Adobe ID, still no luck.  Tried removing the Adobe Adept key in the registry, uninstalled the software, and rebooted the PC.  Rechecked the registry and the key was gone.  Reinstalled the software and the key came back and still can't erase the authorization.


      • How do I erase authorization considering what I've already tried?
      • Does ADE use Adobe ID for credentials?  Why does the email address not update?


      Thank you

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          I have just spent the better part of an hour trying to get the same answer. Online chat is extremely frustrating.

          And all they tell  me is to contact ebook vendor. As they are the only ones to change email and password. I find this frustrating as I have already changed my details  with them. There is no link between the two . This is why I stopped using ADE years ago as they are very difficult  to use. And now because KOBO have  done an update and I have lost book covers they suggested I try ADE again to see if covers  can be recovered. I will stick with CALIBRE

          in future. Not A happy customer  with ADE.