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    Import LR Project from External Drive w/ different Ircat Files

    rafaeld40474899 Level 1

      I performed a recent erase and install on my Mac (Sierra OS). I kept all of the Ircat files on an external drive. However, I missed an update. But I have a solution.

      Project 01: Has all of the photos and Ircat files on a portable external drive. Some of the photos were edited and names assigned to faces. I imported the project onto my main external HD when I returned home.

      Project 02: Resides with all of the other LR projects on my main HD at home. It has not been re-imported into LR since the erase. It was originally imported from Project 01(see above), and then had additional edits and names assigned to faces.


      My questions:

      (1) What information does Project 02 contain, if any?

      (2) If there are no names assigned to photos in Project 02 (since there is no Ircat file) is there a way to add the Ircate file from Project 01 to Project 02?

      (3) If yes, could you please provide step by step instructions.

      (4) Other options.


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