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    Virtual Copies disappearing/not appearing


      I'm using the latest Lightroom CC. I have been having several problems with VCs not appearing at all when I create them, or alternatively disappearing completely for random reasons. I have found the following:


      1. If I create the VC from the Folder in the Library  module, then it works without a problem.


      2. If I create it from the Collection (inside a collection set), it also generally works.


      3. If I create it from a collection set (containing those collections which I am editing) it often works, but sometimes just stops creating virtual copies at all. Virtual copies that I already created remain, however.


      4. I also sometimes work from Smart Collections, and there also it generally works, but often just stops creating the virtual copies altogether.


      More alarmingly, after having edited a job with a few thousand images and a couple of hundred virtual copies, my original virtual copies completely and utterly disappeared, only to return when I pressed undo. I tried several times to do the same operation (I think I was creating a smart collection or something) and every time the virtual copies just vanished, only to return if I pressed undo.


      To be clear, I am not using any filtering on my images, and no stacking either. I am not sure exactly what it is that I do that stops the virtual copies from appearing, or to completely vanish, but I am not changing any of my preferences or filtering options when this occurs.

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          Hint "be aware that Virtual copies are are (virtual) i.i they are not actual copies of the original image file. Its info stored within the Lightroom Catalog file. if you move the original file from outside Lightroom or if you delete the original file the Virtual copy will cease to exist.

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            larryb4703833 Level 1

            Absolutely, I understand that. But Lightroom is creating the Virtual Copies, it even tells me that it is creating them, but they are not appearing in the collection, only in the original Folder in the Library. I prefer to edit from my collections and not from my folders (it's more organized).

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              larryb4703833 Level 1

              Update: I see that when I create the VC from my collection set (as opposed to in a collection or in the Folder) that LR creates a "stack" in the Folder (in Library module). I am not sure why it is doing this, but even unstacking the VC does not make it appear in the collection set.

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                DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                It's working as designed. The virtual copies sit alongside to the original file.

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                  larryb4703833 Level 1

                  Yes but they are completely invisible in my collections. And not always. Often I can see them. But sometimes it just stops working suddenly. I want to be able to work in my collection, add a VC for a B&W version or whatever, and not have to start searching for it in my Folders, because I export from the collections. I don't want to export every single photo in the Folder.

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                    bhousto90 Level 4

                    As DdeGannes said it is working as designed:


                    1) Virtual copies are created and placed into stacked with original file in original folder no matter where the creation point may be.

                    2) If created while a library filter is in place then it will seem to disappear as the new virtual copy does not inherit any metadata from the parent file

                    3) It will disappear when created from within many smart collections. (The VC will not be added to the smart collection unless it meets the smart collection rules i.e only based on filename vs a rating)

                    4) If only a Collection set is selected when the VC is created it will disappear. (There is no specific single collection is selected at that time, so it chooses none, except in case that there is a Smart collection within that set that has a rule match)

                    5) If a single collection is selected then the VC is added to that collection with the original.

                    6) The above may be impacted by sort order for the folder/collection i.e VC appearing at the end of the folder/collection if the sort is by edit time vs capture time.


                    Hopes this helps explain some of the mystery disappearances. The only thing I cannot fully explain would be the case you describe with pressing undo to restore the VCs...There is a filter option that will only hide virtual copies (it lies on the attribute bar just below the filter choice dropdown so it could be hit inadvertently)



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                      larryb4703833 Level 1

                      Actually as far as I know my virtual copies have always inherited the ratings from the original file, as well as the same creation date, so they normally appear right next to my original files.


                      I always work according to capture time.


                      I will do some more experimenting and try to shed more light on the problem. I wish I knew exactly when everything stops working.

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                        i had the same problem.


                        i solve it by taggling on-off the little switch botton in the right down corner, beside NO FILTER


                        ... it seems more like a bug!!! i went crazy for that!!!!


                        now finally I see all my VC