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    LR file names won't transfer to iOS devices

    SausalitoDog Level 2

      Just this week, I've experieinced a weird issue when exporting files and then importing them to an iOS device (tried iPhone 7 and iPad 3 with same results).


      When I export them as a jpg, the file on my system reflects the file name I expect (e.g. x100F-1234.jpg) when I send them to the iPhone (either by mail or air drop - I've tried both), the files open in Image Capture with totally different file names (e.g. TRMA5678 with no jpg extension).


      This isn't really a problem for me because I have the original, but is creates something of a mess when I share the files using this workflow.


      I'm up to date with LR 2017cc and latest updates from Apple.


      Anyone able to shed any light on what is going on???