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    [JS] #include does not work


      Hi guys,


      i'm an Applescript guy trying to translate an AS script in JS.

      So far, it's working with one pb though: i want to use the array.filter method in my script but it doesn't work.

      I've replaced it via a simple loop and it work, but as it seems it could be done via the use of a polyfill, i tried that too, without success.

      I guess i have done something wrong somewhere and i hoped someone here could help me find it!


      What i've done so far:

      - copy the polyfill for that method from this page on MDN,

      - creating a new file on ExtendScript*, paste the code, save the file ("polyfills.jsx"**) in the same folder as my script.

      - added at the beginning of my script "#include 'polyfills.jsx';"

      * I don't know if it's relevant, but the selected engine when saving the file was "Adobe InDesign CC2017 (12.064)", the same used by my script.

      ** I couldn't use the .jsxinc extension as when i do that, it create a "polyfills.jsxinc.jsx" file.


      When i launch my script in ExtendScript Toolkit, it throws an error on the line where i use the filter method : 'xxx.filter is not a function'.

      So the polyfill doesn't seem to work.


      The code where i use the filter method:

      var my_textFrames = doc.textFrames;

      var my_filtered_textFrames = my_textFrames.filter(function (element) {

          return (element.label.indexOf('tableau') !== -1);



      Thank for your help!



      OS X 10.11.6

      InDesign CC 2017

      ExtendScript Toolkit

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          Vamitul Level 4

          doc.textFrames is not an ARRAY but a collection.

          you should convert it to an array:

          var my_textFrames = doc.textFrames.everyItem().getElements();

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            vincentp81166026 Level 1

            Ok i'll try that, thanks for the quick reply!

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Vincent,

              you have to be very careful using the right string for filtering with prototyped method filter() as presented at MDN.



              I know, it's a bit dump, but I like to show a point here.


              Category 1 | Have some text frames labeled:



              Category 2 | Others should be labeled:



              Example line in your filter function:

              return (element.label.indexOf("SelectThis") !== -1);


              would return all two categories of labeled text frames.


              So I would suggest the more lame approach with a different tool set to get the labeled text frames:


              var doc = app.documents[0];
              var textFramesArray = doc.textFrames.everyItem().getElements();
              var textFramesArrayLength = textFramesArray.length;
              var n = 0;
              var regExp = RegExp("^SelectThis$"); // A softened version would be: RegExp("^SelectThis$", "i")
              var resultArrayOfTextFrames = [];
                  var currentItem = textFramesArray[n];
                      resultArrayOfTextFrames[resultArrayOfTextFrames.length++] = 


              Or this alternative in the for loop using method test() on a RegExp.


              // ALTERNATIVE for match():
                      resultArrayOfTextFrames[resultArrayOfTextFrames.length++] = 



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                vincentp81166026 Level 1

                Hi Uwe,


                thanks for the reply.


                In the context of my script, i think my test is ok as there is only one text frame in the document that have a label which contain that string, so there is no ambiguity in this case.

                But still, i'll look carefully at your alternative methods: my AS>JS journey is only beginning and i need every advise and code exemples i could get  ;-)




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                  vincentp81166026 Level 1

                  Hi Vamitul,


                  it worked as expected, thanks for the tip.


                  For JS/ExtendScript newbies like me, i found a treasure tove of informations regarding how to work with collections in those two articles of Marc Autret.

                  A little difficult to digest at once but nevertheless incredibly useful.