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    Text wrap for some placed linked anchored objects work; others don't…

    mortyfromqueens Level 1

      Hi. a text wrap problem I had previously had to do with my objects having been embedded,

      but now they're all linked.


      Some context: a 360-page document set up to be exported to a book printer using their PDF Job Options.

      In the text there are 143 visuals—photos, drawings—that are linked and anchored.


      When I choose wrap bounding box and its dimensions plus wrap right side, some objects wrap successfully

      but others do not—they "spill" beneath the page.


           I've read-up on text wrap a lot and can't find a solution.


                Thank you,


      Here are two images: one that shows the wrap up to one click from where it fails;

                the other after one more click.

      wrap one line before it fails.jpg