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    Book file not saving changes

    Jodi Cohen Level 1

      Our 3 person graphics department is working on a updating a 15 section 350+ page catalog in InDesign CC2017. We've created a book file and are making changes to the different sections (opening them only through the book file) but are finding revisions that have been made were not saved when we re-open the sections later in the day or the following day. There are always multiple sections in the indb panel with yellow caution triangles saying the document was modified outside the book file which is odd since the sections are opened only through the indb file.


      The catalog is entirely product based and all the text has paragraph and character styles applied.

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          chloeemma91 Level 1

          I am also having this issue with a 208 page document (price book). Ive been saving and exporting the document as PDF's. When I make changes I save as normal then export. I am receiving the same edits to be made again and again as if I have never made them. But when I save there are no errors!

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            chloeemma91 Level 1

            Note I am saving to an external server and I have a feeling that this is causing the issue. I really wish I got an error message when this occurred though. I am going to start 'saving as' instead of overwriting the original file and see if this works.

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              Monica Singh Adobe Employee

              Hi Chloeemma,


              Please note that InDesign does not allow same document to be opened by various users at the same time.

              If somehow your network location gets unavailable, InDesign will prompt you to "save as" the file at your local system.


              Can you please check if there is some intermittent network fluctuations happening while you are doing these operation on network.



              Monica Singh

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                chloeemma91 Level 1

                Hi Monica,


                Yes I am aware of that. The document has only been worked on by myself but has been saved onto a server on our work network. I have discovered that there more than likely has been some fluctuations happening when working on and saving the document.


                I have decided to break down the file and work on it in sections instead. Hopefully this solves the issue!




                Chloe Wilson

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