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    ICC profile


      First, sorry for my "bad" english.

      I attemp to use a ICC profile in Lightroom. His adress is "https://static.whitewall.com/ICC/WhiteWall_ICC_Direct_Print_Dibond.icc#_ga=1.164966527.135 6638412.1489846196".

      When I want to use it, it don't appears in Lightroom; (I start by charge it into the good directory).

      When I ask the internet site , they say that, for them, this profile is ok because it run under Photoshop.

      To verify if my process is ok , I did the same process wiht another ICC profile ("https://static.whitewall.com/ICC/WhiteWall_ICC_Lambda_Fuji_Crystal_DP_II_glossy.icc#_ga=1. 241700225.2080319938.1491148797") and, in this case, the profile appears in Lightroom.

      My Pc is on windows 10-1607 with Lightroom 6 in version 6.8.

      Have anyone a suggestion what I did wrong or what the solution is?


      Thanks a lot