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    App design size

    kumarpgt Level 1

      I have an Android only mobile app a developer built on PhoneGap. Since I wanted to change the appearance, I redesigned the skins in full HD size and handed over the Photoshop files. The developer says the size won't work out since it is too big. Also, we decided to have the same app for iOS. The developer wants me (a designer) to decide the size. Could someone please help me with the appropriate size. The idea is to redo all the screens, so the same can be replaced. The app
      should work across screens on both Android and iOS phones. I was also told that the developer will not be using these PSD or jpgs. He would just be keeping them as a reference. In that case, I am not sure why an exact size is required.     

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          If PSDs are used exactly as given, they are typically sliced up into smaller component pieces. JPGs aren't good unless they are for photographic content (icons and such are better as PNGs). From the sounds of it, though, the developer intends on recreating the look from what you send (depending on the type of graphics you're using, it can be done with some CSS). Without knowing what "size" means in this context, it's difficult to know what the developer is requesting -- are they wanting viewport size, widget sizes, etc? If this is a completely custom interface, the developer will need some guidance on the metrics you intend your widgets to use (padding, margins, rhythm, etc.)


          So, regarding "size": one "size" doesn't fit all when it comes to mobile devices. Devices have varied pixel densities, aspect ratios, and with the advent of split-screen multitasking, varied viewports as well. Apps need to be able to respond to various visual constraints and device capabilities, hence the term "responsive design". Your developer should recognize the term.


          Widget assets should be scaleable to accommodate various viewports (typically this will be by tiling or using a 9-patch-like format). Photographic images should have enough pixels to accommodate the largest possible viewport at the highest possible pixel density (the developer should then create smaller versions that work better for smaller screens and lower-powered devices).


          If you are amenable, it might help to see your design PSD; it might help us spot anything your developer might be talking about. If you want to DM it, feel free to do so.


          Hope that helps some.

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            criss14911030 Level 1


            • LDPI:
              • Portrait: 200x320px
              • Landscape: 320x200px
            • MDPI:
              • Portrait: 320x480px
              • Landscape: 480x320px
            • HDPI:
              • Portrait: 480x800px
              • Landscape: 800x480px
            • XHDPI:
              • Portrait: 720px1280px
              • Landscape: 1280x720px
            • XXHDPI:
              • Portrait: 960px1600px
              • Landscape: 1600x960px
            • XXXHDPI:
              • Portrait: 1280px1920px
              • Landscape: 1920x1280px




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