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    "Edit in Adobe Photoshop" option not available in Adobe Lightroom


      Okay, so here recently I was editing a photo in lightroom and decided it needed a little work done in photoshop. I right clicked the image, and went down to to the option "Edit in Adobe Photoshop". (otherwise known as command+e) However, this option was grayed out! This ruins my photo editing routine and I have customers waiting on photos. I have a Macbook Pro, and both Lightroom and Photoshop are completely up to date. I have tried utilizing another forum on this issue, but nothing recommended there will change anything.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop. I have tried deleting the "com.adobe.Photoshop.plist". Nothing seems to work, and the support line for Creative Cloud is closed. I am in need of some help. Hopefully, someone can help me soon!