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    Cannot update Elements 14 "You are already running the Adobe Update Manager"


      Before I throw this pile into the trash - can someone come up with a PERMANENT solution to this seemingly CONSTANT ISSUE?  Anytime I try to update, I get:


      "You are already running the Adobe Application Manager.  Please close all instances of Adobe Application Manager before applying updates".


      Running on a Mac, with Sierra now, but I've had this issue on El Capitan and Yosemite as well.  The only way it seems I can get rid of it is either a complete re-install of the OS, or spending hours tracking down every shred of the "Update Manager" and removing it with numerous reboots.  I've checked the Activity Monitor, and AAM is NOT running.  The only time it runs, is when I try to update, and get the above error message.


      What's the REAL, PERMANENT solution to this?