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    Problem importing Elements 12 catalog into Lightroom 2015.9


      I have a 37,000+ picture & video library with many keyword tags that I have managed for years with Photoshop Elements.  I'm investigating upgrading to Lightroom, but am having problems importing my Elements 12 catalog into Lightroom 2015.9.


      I started a Lightroom free trial, installed the application using the Creative Cloud application, and was automatically prompted to import my Elements 12 catalog when the application started.  When I click "Import" on the prompt screen, I get a Step 1 (of 3) dialog box and it appears the import process starts.  When the Step 1 process reaches about 8%, the dialog box disappears and nothing further happens.  The import seems to have aborted mid-process.  No pictures are imported.


      I tried uninstalling the application and reinstalling it, but the exact same thing happened while attempting to import the Elements 12 catalog.


      Any ideas?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Jim-Cincinnati,


          You need to check the minimum system requirements for Lightroom CC 2015 and check if it's compatible with your machine or not?

          Also, you can refer the below tutorial to import your Photoshop element's catalog to Lightroom.

          How to import photos from Photoshop Elements, other Lightroom catalogs, or apps such as iPhoto in Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps.



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            Jim-Cincinnati Level 1

            Mohit -- Thanks for taking the time to answer, but your suggestions are the

            most basic things to check, and the first things I checked, when I

            originally had the problem over a month ago.  The fact that the Elements

            import process dies without any messages or error handling means there is a

            high probability that there is a problem with your software.


            I ended up loading the catalog manually by first using the "save metadata

            to file" option in  Elements for all 37,000+ pictures, then importing them

            into Lightroom.  I had to recreate all the tags for my video files in



            So I don't need any more help at this point since I already completed the

            time consuming, manual process to load my catalog.  I suspect you still

            have a problem with your software.  If you decide to investigate this

            further, a clue I can give you is that I had several file formats that were

            supported by Elements that would not import into Lightroom.  Possibly the

            Lightroom process just died when it encountered these files.  There were

            approximately 100 files out of the 37,000+ that worked perfectly in

            Elements that I was not able to load into Lightroom.




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