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    Moving background




      Does anyone know how to make that moving background effect like in this video? FREE AUDIO SPECTRUM TEMPLATE - AFTER EFFECTS - YouTube


      I tried doing it with position, wiggle, but that's not the effect that I want.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That looks like nothing more than scaling up the layer, adding 2 rotation keyframes about a half second apart, applying ease to the keyframes and then adding the expression loopOut("ping pong") to rotation. You could also copy the first keyframe and paste it as a third keyframe at about one and a half second and adding the much simpler to type expression loopOut().


          I frankly don't get the obsession with music visualizers of this type. There's no creativity there. If you really want to automate animation to music then I urge you to consider exercising your creativity and coming up with something that has something to do with the story the music is trying to tell.