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    How to make an illusion of rotation of 2D tire from any angle? (cc 2017)

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      How is it possible to make an illusion of tractor tire rotation like this?:


      test ae - YouTube


      If you look closely, the rim rotates only 15 or 20 degrees, then goes back to its initial position and so it repeats throughout the entire animation.


      So i tried it myself - got a png photo of a tractor tire rim (not side view, but from perspective, like 45 degrees or so) and tried to rotate it very quickly 20 degrees back and forth, but it didn't look like it was rotating around it's (real world) axis, no matter where i positioned the Anchor point.


      As for the tire part, i think theoretically i could make something with CC Cylinder effect, but haven't tried it yet.


      Maybe someone has ideas how to do it?


      I know i can model my own tractor tire in Cinema 4D Lite, but i'm intrigued by this 2D technique