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    How to Make Flickering Text?


      By flickering text I mean something like this: FaZe Rain - 1 Million Subscribers Montage - YouTube  or like this: FaZe Rain - 1 Million Subscribers Montage - YouTube

      I've looked everywhere for this kind of style and nobody seems to either know what I'm talking about, or how to do it.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is not an Effect that is applied, it is a combination of text on a 3D layer either tracked or carefully positioned to match the ground plane. Then a track matte using something like animated Fractal Noise is used to create the varying density in the text. The last step is a blend mode that  blends the text with the layers below to achieve the color treatment you want. Something like Hard Lighe may work.


          When you are trying to break down a visual effect it's important to take a look at the effect a frame at a time or pick out a still frame and then try and figure out everything that is going on in the shot. Very few visual effects are created with a single layer and a plug-in.